Seable,the active holidays for the blind and disabled launches in the uk with its first destination:Siciliy




Seable, the active holidays for the blind and disabled launches in the UK with its first destination: Sicily

Seable, the active holiday organizer for visually and physically impaired people, has launched in the UK market with support from ‘Accelerator’, a London business incubator recently inaugurated by the Duke of York. Seable, based in Shoreditch and led by the young entrepreneur Damiano La Rocca, offers active holiday programmes for the disabled and the visually impaired.  The programmes are aimed at improving the confidence, skills and quality of life of many disabled people.

‘My vision is to change perceptions of disability and blindness’, says the young Italian Damiano La Rocca. ‘…The first programmes we feature are set in the magnificent Mediterranean island of Sicily. The activities are all very exciting, some more challenging than others. One can choose from diving to obtain a diving certificate (HSA) recognised worldwide, to learning traditional Sicilian fishing techniques, or from visiting the only sensorial botanic garden in Europe to learning how to make your own olive oil.

Seable works in association with the LIFE (Life Improvement For Everyone), the charity for accessible travel-related products and services founded by Carmelo La Rocca, Damiano’s father who, after having almost lost the use of his legs in an accident, promised his less lucky paraplegic friend Martino Florio, to help him find a purpose in life. In 2007, Martino achieved a Guinness World Record in scuba diving for the disabled, reaching the depth of 59m. Two years later Benedetta Spampinato was the first blind woman to set the Guinness World Record in scuba diving (41m).

Seable’s mission, explains Damiano,’ is to promote these challenges in the UK, in order to give other disabled and visually impaired people the chance to improve their life skills and match these amazing achievements.

For more information or images please contact Damiano La Rocca Website

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